New Consumer Information

The 12-page ‘ Wade checklists demonstrate for the first time the benefits of good dental insurance related to dental treatment areas and patient groups. Hans Waizmann, special agent for dental insurance since 1995 has developed an insurance-neutral information brochure for patients. The refund amount of the statutory health insurance and the performance of modern ZZVen on the basis of the most common dental services is shown in the Wade checklists. Dental insurance are popular in Germany. Eight of ten statutory health insurance policyholders available 69 million people looking for a supplementary policy in this area.

Naturally two issues in the front and: 1 “what brings a ZZV?” And 2 what ZZV is the best? “.” These questions can be answered by no means universal. Rather, it is important to respond to the individual needs of each person. For this reason, the new Wade checklists in self-contained chapters are divided: prophylaxis in children (tooth preservation): Individual prophylaxis is far superior to statutory health insurance based prevention! In this checklist, you will learn whether and how well modern ZZVen to afford. Fissure sealants for children (tooth preservation): intensive protection is extremely important also for front teeth. The statutory health insurance does not pay for it! ZZVen will refund up to 100%, which can compensate for the post may even. Orthodontic treatment of children (if necessary also for adults): treatment of malocclusions are very common. The cost risk without ZZV can be up to 5,000.Good ZZVen report “orthodontic” treatments to 80-100%. Professional tooth cleaning (tooth preservation): the PCT is important for everyone.

Good ZZVen do for PTC to 100%. These refunds (such as 160 / year) are inevitable and guaranteed. Root canal treatment (tooth preservation): Each own tooth is better than dentures! The statutory health insurance makes for endodontic treatments often only partially or not at all.