Consumer Watchdogs

Topic ‘Consumer protection’ complements the information provided on consumers have today by internationalized trade and Internet unlimited shopping possibilities. Any claims of articles and services, they often need help. The most important public and private consumer protection organisations are now summarized on “The commercial portal of BDP GmbH puts them in the category of good advice” under the menu item consumer protection “before. In addition to a description, there is a further link to the consumer protection home page each. In addition to federal consumer protection and the consumer centres of the countries, users learn about the Stiftung Warentest, oko-Test, Foodwatch, and Greenpeace, as well as various consumer initiatives. With the new content on consumers can consult extensively and have the appropriate contact person in case of need quickly.

In some articles, the timely visit of the various consumer sites before the purchase can much Avoid trouble. The issue of consumer protection”makes even more interesting for consumers Many non-commercial user use the clear, nationwide commercial search of the online portal on the search for professionals and service providers in their area. But the information about the consumer protection can be very useful also for traders. Knowledge of current consumer protection issues among the compulsory program of modern product management. More good advice on for businesses of all kinds are good advice from the Professional among the tips for business start-ups and rights for entrepreneurs, as well as the menu items”and free consultant”. is an online portal of the BDP GmbH. clearly structured content chapters give professional advice on topics such as finance and taxes and industries of the future, equipment and personnel, B2B purchasing.

Especially young entrepreneurs will benefit from lots of practical tips and compressed expertise. Industry experts estimate as comprehensive reference to all relevant business topics. Particularly noteworthy is the targeted nationwide industry search with many thousand commercial entries from all areas of services, Commerce and industry. Latest news from business, politics and other areas complete the comprehensive offer for business professionals.