Property Cleaning Standards

Cleaning – a cleaning to the highest European standards, specially-trained on professional equipment, providing the client with the highest level of service with utmost professionalism. Professional cleaning is: Specially trained and certified personnel; High-tech cleaning processes, high quality detergents professional cleaning equipment, specialized management. Specifically, in our time the concept of 'cleaning' has acquired a wider meaning. Today, cleaning is an activity as a professional cleaning and related services. The complex cleaning services can include not only cleaning floors, washing windows or cleaning carpets, but also care of the property and the adjacent territory in the complex. In fact, including the content and operation of buildings by professional services inspection and maintenance of internal systems. The first harvest of the company appeared in Europe 80 years ago and to date cleaning services in Europe has turned into an entire industry.

To date, the global benchmark for purity Finland is. In Russia, cleaning appeared in the early 90s and first became in demand from major Western companies. If at the beginning of the cleaning services on the market were represented by just a few companies, today cleaning companies are springing up like mushrooms. According to the European Federation of the cleaning industry (EFCL) in the European Union in klinigovyh services employing 2.7 million people. In Russia this figure is much lower – according to the International Company Industry Market Association (Makich) cleaning companies served by no more than 15% of the areas that require professional cleaning, of which 95% is commercial real estate. Available in the country about 500 klinigovyh companies, and in the capital has more than 300 operators.

In regions of the market until klinig especially developed as commercial real estate is just beginning, and the concept of "klinig" remains to while many words, sometimes not too clear. Typically, sanitary works, which offer cleaning companies, divided into regular (daily) and ad hoc (special). Constant Cleaning services typically choose larger offices, shopping and business centers, entertainment complexes, which is unprofitable to keep their own cleaning unit. The size of the area in this case can amount to tens thousand feet. For a one-off works include the following services – general cleaning after renovation and construction work, cleaning carpets or upholstery textiles, the crystallization of floors, washing of facades (using rope access), etc. The cost of cleaning services is dependent on many factors – the area cluttered with buildings, cross the premises, the allowable time for harvesting. Be sure to take into account women of retirement age, now the prestige of 'cleaners' grows with each passing year, as well as the selection criteria. Now customers want to see young, energetic, trained and certified 'cleaners' in branded overalls and with professional equipment. Such as the European countries, particularly in Finland, professional cleaner is trained for three years, is certified and only then will receive a certificate allowing carry out major repairs of the building. Efficiency, quality, technology and trained personnel – the principled position of this pro.