Philosophical Reflection

Norm AP. Silveira de Moraes- Psychologist Reflecting on some virtues.for better quality of life. The scientist, politician, notary, and mstico man rosacruz, Benjamin Franklin, of century eighteen, in its ethics as person of the good that was, presented a list of thirteen virtues that applied its proper life. they were advice who it gave itself exactly to evolve as human being and to try always to practise justice. To reflect on them is good.

Moderation: You do not eat the point of the embrutecimento; you do not drink until the drunkeness. Silence: You only speak of what it can be useful to others or you exactly; it prevents colloquies lines. Order: It places each thing in its place; it reserves a time for each aspect of your businesses. Resolution: It fulfills what you must fulfill, without lacking your resolution. Economy: You do not make expenditures that are not for the good of outrem or for your proper one well; in other words, you do not spend toa. Application: You do not lose time; it always applies you to some useful thing and suppresses all useless action. Sincerity: you do not serve yourself of deceptive artifices; it thinks of sincere form and joust; when speech, makes it your thought in accordance with Justice: You do not make the person badly some, nor on commission nor for omission Moderation: It prevents the extremities; it abstains you to show resentment for the offences that you think that deserve they it.

Hygiene: Candle for the cleanness of your body, your clothes and your lodging. Tranquilidade: You do not leave yourself to disturb for futilidades or inevitable incidents. Chastity: You are chaste in your thoughts and you govern your instincts. (allegiance and confidence). Humildade: It imitates Jesus and Scrates and many other Masters In these thirteen virtues have a good tip to have quality of extrinsical and intrinsic life, exactly because he is accessible and ideal. How much to imitate Jesus, it wanted to only say that for the true love, wins itself or obtains resulted, the unconditional love that as much nailed the Master. already the Scrates, the great philosopher who always spoke: man knows you it exactly you, affirming that each human being search always its personal and subjective development also, to reach a bigger degree of self-knowledge. We do not have to judge the others in function of the traces that are transparent in the personality, but yes for the actions. All human being has defects and inherent qualities to the condition human being, and nobody knows everything. Many think that they know, but its to know dislikes, instead of pleasing the sensitivity of the soul human being is sedenta of love and peace, tired of as much suffering, existenciais violence, disrespect, illnesses, crises. The human being needs each time more than things approach that it to the Creative Force that Governs and Protects. Without fanatism, without repression, without preconception, opening the wings of the universal peace, in one same communion of love for the humanity and the planet that is the native land; the same to inhabit. The Being inside of the Being. The microcosm inside of macrocosmo. Great Masters, philosophers and thinkers in them had left them great workmanships as legacy and inheritance, for reflections and studies. When science and the religion had decided to join itself they go to discover all possibility and purpose of existing in the world. Deep peace to all That the curtains, of palco of the life, fall still more prosperous and beautiful in 2011 *Norma AP. Silveira de Moraes ***


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